Shelley Morrison, who played no-nonsense maid Rosario on ‘Will & Grace,’ has died

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Shelley Morrison, who is perhaps best known for playing maid Rosario Salazar on “Will & Grace” died Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019.

  • Morrison first appeared late in the show’s first season, when Jack, played by Sean Hayes, married her as a way to prevent her from being deported (despite him being gay and having fooled around with the immigration case officer).
  • She went on to appear in a total of 68 episodes of the show, even though her role was originally only meant as a one time appearance.
  • Morrison, whose real name was Rachel Mitrani, was born in 1936 to Jewish parents in the Bronx, New York in a Spanish speaking home.
  • Her acting career spanned 50 years, including roles on “The Flying Nun” and “General Hospital” as well as film.
  • She was married to Walter Dominguez since 1973.
  • Morrison’s role on “Will & Grace” as Karen Walker (Megan Mullaly)’s sharp tongued maid won over audiences — and the characters became known for their “love hate” relationship that often resulted in fast, nearly incomprehensible yelling that quickly turned into the pair making up.
  • Morrison had mostly retired from acting in 2016 and did not appear in the show’s 2017 revival, though her character was mentioned.
  • Her character later died as part of a plotline.
  • Morrison was 83.