‘Situation Room’ bids farewell to exec producer

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On Friday, Oct. 11, 2019’s “The Situation Room,” anchor Wolf Blitzer bid farewell to the show’s executive producer, Jay Shaylor.

  • As Blitzer took a moment to honor Shaylor, the network cut to a live shot of him in the CNN control room.
  • Shaylor was, according to Blitzer, the longest serving executive producer of “The Situation Room” — having served six years.
  • Blitzer mentioned that Shaylor was leaving the network for a new opportunity, but did not specify what that position was.
  • However, in September 2019, CBS News announced it had hired Shaylor as the new executive producer of the “CBS Evening News” with Norah O’Donnell as it moves to Washington, D.C.
  • “The Situation Room” broadcasts from Washington, which is also where Shaylor is based.
  • Shaylor takes over from CBS vice president Kim Godwin, who has been serving as executive producer since O’Donnell took over July 15.
  • However, when the network announced O’Donnell’s ascension to the anchor chair, it also said it would eventually move the broadcast to
  • Washington, where O’Donnell lives, in November.
  • In the interim, the broadcast has continued to be based out of New York.
  • CBS temporarily moved “Face the Nation” out of the network’s D.C. bureau studio, which is about a year and half old, into a temporary setup in order to prep for the “Evening” move.