Tamron Hall reportedly wasn’t happy over early ‘Kelly Clarkson’ renewal

Former “Today” anchor Tamron Hall reportedly wasn’t happy that one of her fellow daytime hosts got a second season renewal already.

  • NBCUniversal’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show” got renewed for a second season in mid November, but “Tamron Hall” hasn’t heard either way if it’s getting a second go.
  • While Hall’s show launched with promising numbers, it’s lost viewership since then.
  • Hall’s show debuted to 1.4 rating in the adults 18 to 49 demo but has dropped to 1.0, where it’s remained for about eight weeks.
  • Kelly Clarkson’s show, meanwhile has managed to keep its numbers fairly steady, giving it a 1.5 average.
  • After hearing the news of Clarkson’s renewal, Hall reportedly “exploded” during a staff meeting.
  • “We would have gotten an early renewal too if you were all doing a better job,” Hall reportedly said, a source told The Mail.
  • “She wasn’t mad per se that Kelly’s show got picked up for a second season, but she’s apparently frustrated with the direction of her show and afraid of it becoming a failure after walking away from her job at NBC and banking everything on this opportunity working,” the insider continued.

Hall has denied she reacted that way.

  • “It’s ironic that a few days after I said on my show that I’ve seen ”men storm out of rooms, puffing and huffing, and no one says anything’ while ‘women (who) speak up (are viewed) as difficult’ that someone would leak a false story about me being difficult,” Hall said in a statement.
  • “As I said live on my show while defending Gabrielle Union, women are perceived as ‘difficult’ when they speak up. I have never once complained about Kelly’s renewal — I am so happy for my fellow Texan. I’m excited about my show and I can’t wait for season 2!”
  • However, Hall has reportedly earned a reputation for micromanaging every aspect of the show and isn’t getting along with EP Bill Geddie.
  • One point of conflict is reportedly Hall’s experience in news where topics, stories and guests can be changed up to airtime.
  • “This is daytime talk and things must be planned in advance so that all of the elements line up. Either she’s having a hard time grasping that concept or just doesn’t care, but it has created a very challenging climate behind the scenes,” the source said.
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