Trump accuses Fox’s John Roberts of ‘working for CNN’

Fox’s John Roberts become the target of Donald Trump at April 1, 2020’s briefing at the .

Roberts was starting to ask a question about the administration dismantling a key pandemic team that was part of the National Security Council and how that might have affected the government’s coronavirus response.

Trump cut him off by saying: “We didn’t do that. That turned out to be a false story. What are you, working for CNN?”

Trump has repeatedly lashed out at , calling the network “fake news.”

“No no, I’m pointing out what they have said … what you have said, that’s all,” replied Roberts, who previously worked at CNN and CBS News.

“Fox isn’t so easy either; don’t kid yourselves,” was Trump’s retort before admonishing him for repeating a story “you know is false.”

In 2018, Trump’s then national security adviser John Bolton did, in fact, reorganize the NSC — and eliminated the pandemic team as part of those changes.

Trump has also been grilled on his administration’s cuts to the the CDC and WHO — something he has defended by saying he can ramp up response teams in those organizations on an as needed basis.

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