Trump budget targets NPR, PBS and public broadcasting again

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Donald Trump’s proposed new budget calls for a but eliminating government funding of public media, though it’s highly unlikely it will happen.

As Trump has done in the past four years, the proposed budget calls for massive cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which, in turn, provides funding to PBS, NPR and publication broadcasting stations.

However, since Congress ultimately has control of most budgeting of federal agencies, it’s not very likely that the proposed cuts will make it through.

Even under Republican control, both houses rejected the CPB cuts, keeping the funding at $445 million.

Under the fiscal year 2021 budget proposal, Trump’s administration wants to cut funding to CPB to $30 million.

In a new spending bill passed late last year, Congress allotted another $20 million to the CPB, giving it the first increase in years.

Trump’s new budget also targets the National Endowment for the Humanities and National Endowment for the Arts again, but both agencies have survived past attempts by the administration to cut funding too.