Trump tries to use doctored CNN clip to prove his Alabama statements — and it backfires

Donald Trump is just not letting going of this whole Alabama and Hurricane Dorian thing.

  • On Friday, Sept. 6, 2019, he tweeted a doctored CNN segment that reported Alabama could have been impacted by the storm.
  • The clip included a car with a CNN logo on it crashing and exploding.
  • However, it turns out that clip aired Wednesday, Aug. 28 and even included a reference to “on Labor Day weekend” in the banner.
  • It wasn’t until several days later, Sept. 1, that Trump first began tweeting about Alabama, by which time all weather maps were showing a change in course for Dorian.
  • When Trump’s now infamous doctored NOAA map made its appearance he failed to note that map was actually dated Aug. 29.
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