VUit service focuses on live, local content

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A startup service is aiming to capture streaming audiences interested in live, local content.

VUit, which is pronounced “view it,” will be a joint venture of Syncbak and Gray Television along with investors ViacomCBS, NAB and the Consumer Technology Association.

Upon launch, the free service will have more than 200 stations from across the country, including Gray and Meredith stations, with the goal of adding more partners in the future.

The ad supported streamer will carry live programming from its local partners, which will include local focused news, sports, weather and lifestyle content.

Streaming will be available via iOS and Android apps as well as Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

In addition, stations have to agree to produce 12 live specials per month that will be available only on the service. These will include news, sports and culture events.

All told, the service expects to have about 3 million hours of live programming plus 2,500 original productions per year.

Syncbak already provides OTT delivery backbone for major streaming players including Hulu and CBS All Access.

VUit should not be confused with “Vu-It!” an app from Tivo.