Watch this drone maneuver around a NASCAR TV production compound

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Fox Sports used its “Fox Drone Cam” to take fans through a whirlwind tour of one of its NASCAR production compounds.

Captured by Beverly Hills Aerials in what appears to be a single space, the drone operator managed pilot the craft through the multiple trucks and trailers that are typically on scene for a large scale sports production.

Many of these maneuvers included going through small doors and navigating through some tight spaces and even backing out of them to head on to the next stop.

By definition, most production trucks are long, narrow spaces packed with technical gear and other special modifications to make them suitable for TV production.

During the clip, multiple socially distanced crew members are shown wearing face masks while readying themselves for whatever upcoming production was planned.

Fox normally uses drones to provide wide sweeping views of race tracks and other sporting events that would have previously required a more expensive aerial craft such as a helicopter or blimp.