Wendy Williams reportedly taken to hospital for mental health concerns

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The Sun is reporting that a woman believed to be talk show host Wendy Williams was transported by ambulance to a hospital over mental health concerns.

To be clear, the report has not been confirmed by Williams or law enforcement, but the New York Police Department did confirm to Page Six that it received a call at 8:43 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021 requesting an ambulance transfer for a woman who may have required a psychiatric evaluation.

NYPD also confirmed the age of the person be transferred: 57 years old, which would match Williams’ age according to public statements she’s made.

That patient, which Sun sources say was Williams, was taken to Beth Israel Hospital.

It’s worth noting that it’s also possible another 57 year old woman lives in the same building and that was the person who was transported.

Meanwhile, the only official word from Williams’ camp is that her daytime talk show’s premiere has been pushed to Oct. 4, 2021, after Williams tested positive for COVID-19. It was originally planned for Sept. 20, 2021.

The show indicated the day after the purported hospital transfer that Williams’ is considered a “breakthrough” coronavirus case, meaning she was likely vaccinated and said the delay would allow her to undergo continued health evaluations.

Williams has been open about her struggles with Graves Disease and thyroid issues, as well as struggles with substance abuse and mental health.

Insiders tell Page Six that Williams has “a lot of her plate,” likely a reference to a challenging past few years, during which she divorced her husband after learning his mistress allegedly gave birth to his sun, her mother died unexpectedly as well as her ongoing health issues and personal mental health.

Show staffers are apparently being kept mostly in the dark, with many of them learning about the postponement and Williams’ health issues via social media.

Williams’ jumped from radio to TV in 2008 with “The Wendy Williams Show” under Debmar-Mercury. It initially went through a six week trial on Fox owned stations before being picked up for syndication.

It has been renewed through this season, but notably no announcement has been made about its future beyond that.

Williams took extensive time off in recent seasons after a string of purported health issues. She famously fainted on air in a Halloween costume and has also been hospitalized and stayed at a residential rehab and sober living house.

The show’s future very well could be up in the air — as its good performance in the ratings earned it multiseason pickups earlier in its run. However, with the main host struggling with her health, it may not be wise to continue the show — both for Williams’ own health and the stations who carry the show.

While Williams’ show has featured guest hosts during some of her absences, it’s also had to rely on repeat episodes to fill the days. Williams show relies heavily on the “hot topics” format, which is often linked to current events, so her shows don’t necessarily age well.

The fact that no decision has been made about a Season 14 or beyond could be telling — and many stations that carry the show may already be on the hunt for possible replacement programming. Assuming their syndication deals allow it, some of these stations may also opt to switch to a different, available show rather than stick with Williams and risk having to air repeats or episodes with guest hosts if the host continues to struggle with her health.

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