With switch to new set, ‘WNN’ anchor glad she no longer feels like she’s on Wendy Williams’ shoe cam

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

ABC “World News Tonight” co-anchor Mona Kosar Abdi and Kenneth Moton celebrating moving onto a new set Feb. 15, 2021 and Abdi in particular was excited that she no longer had to worry about feeling like being on “The Wendy Williams Show” with shoe cam.

Both shows, which also share anchors, have been using Studio TV3B, a semi-enclosed area of the larger TV3 complex.

Due to social distancing guidelines, the anchors haven’t been sitting along the side of the “L” desk that is had been sharing with “ABC World News Tonight.

However, the one side of the “L” is a bit too small for two safely distance anchors, so the show has been shooting its two shot off axis, with Abdi typically sitting in front of the desk — in a sort of “debrief” style.

Because of this, Abdi didn’t have the front of the desk to cover her lower half, so she had to wear shoes and couldn’t get away with wearing more relaxed pants.

She compared that to the “shoe cam” on Willams’ show — a series small, fixed cameras installed around the studio that lets Williams show off guest and crew members’ footwear (typically with a “magic fairy” sound effect).

Abdi also hinted she might not being wearing shoes behind the anchor desk, which is front with a solid LED panel that covers the entire lower half of anyone setting behind it.