YouTube requiring children’s privacy setting from all content creators

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YouTube is starting to require that content creators label their content as “made for kids” as part of a settlement with the FTC over alleged violations of COPPA.

  • Creators now have to mark uploaded video as “made for kids” or “not made for kids.”
  • Starting in January 2020, YouTube will start using those indicators to kick in additional privacy settings when those videos are viewed.
  • This includes eliminating certain data collection as well as removing personalized ads on this content.
  • Not being able to show targeted, personalized advertising could have a significant affect on content creators’ revenue, though the exact extent has yet to be seen.
  • Commenting, notifications and other features will also be affected.
  • YouTube notes that it will use the time between now and January to experiment with its system and optimize settings.
  • This news comes on the heels of a change to YouTube’s terms of service that introduces stronger language that allows YouTube to shut down a channel or account if it is not “commercially viable.”
  • With the issue of no longer being able to serve personalized ads, it is possible that some creators could find their accounts loosing a significant amount of money — though it’s not immediately clear if that would make the unviable in YouTube’s eyes.
  • In an email to creators, YouTube points out that it cannot provide legal advice as to how creators should classify content, but does include examples.