Austin station uses stylized words, visuals to describe its city, evening team

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

Austin’s KXAN is paying tribute to its hometown with an “I Am Austin” image campaign that combines inspiring imagery with a typographic twist.

The promos include a song with those lyrics from Stephen Arnold Music with a series of shots that depict the city’s culture, people and vibe as well as station talent.

Joany D’Agostino at KXAN headed up the creation of the campaign.

As each scene appears, a word appears on screen — such as “growing” next to a woman carrying a baby or “authentic” above a man buying a taco from a food truck.

In each case, the on-screen typography has been thought out and designed with a unique look or animation that connects to the word.

The word “growing” animates outward to expand its letter spacing. “Authentic” gets a treatment inspired by the Texas flag. “Creative” boasts a ribbon of rainbow, while “Warm” turns orange, “Welcoming” has a heart in place of its “o” and “Outdoorsy” features a ripple effect that ties into its placement over a scene depicting people on paddle boards.

A similar concept is then used as talent is depicted walking purposefully across the roof of a parking structure.

Primary co-anchor Britt Moreno is shown next to the word “Trusted” while her co-anchor Daniel Marin appears with “Driven.” Reporter Jennifer Sanders is described as “Engaging” while sports anchor Roger Wallace gets the word “Connected.”

Chief meteorologist David Yeomans, quite appropriately, is shown next to the words “Watchful” and “Cool” (he’s the only team member to get two words to describe him, though the shot used for “Cool” is a reverse shot of him).

The spot then cuts to an aerial view of the five, along with a crew member and lighting gear, atop the parking garage with a KXAN logo gobo on the ground before the scene shifts to an evening shot of them.

“(The campaign) couldn’t possibly do this magical city justice, but hopefully makes people feel good … and feel good about the evening team at KXAN,” wrote D’Agostino.