Denver station touts its ‘top gun’ morning forecaster

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Denver station KMGH has created a weather promo with a nod to “Top Gun” starring its own Lisa Hidalgo.

The segment, which appears to have been shot partially on location at Buckley Space Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, starts off with a garbled off-camera voice asking “how’s the weather lookin’ down there.”

“On a clear, cool day like this, there’s gonna be a lot less thermal convection. We are in for a smooth ride,” says Hidalgos, shown seated inside in aircraft cockpit and wearing flight gear.

The camera captures the glass top closing and Hidalgo giving the “thumbs up” through the glass.

There’s then a shot of a thruster with what appears to be a simulated glare of the burning fuel that shoots out of them, followed by a skyborne shot of a fighter, presumably within Hidalgo on board.

That shot includes a brief view of the distinctive large white domes that protect satellite and other receivers installed at the base for its role in the U.S. Space Force.

Buckley was previously primarily an Air Force and Air National Guard facility but is also home to Navy operations.

Toward the end of the promo, an enthusiastic announcer declares “She’s the top gun!” before touting her as the longest-running morning meteorologist in the market and the advantage that experience brings her.

“She’s preparing you for Colorado weather and having fun doin’ it,” the announce adds.