WFLA places its logo throughout the region in image campaign

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WFLA in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida, has launched a “This is our place” image campaign that showcases its team’s reporting and community involvement while inserting a 3D version of its logo in various scenes.

Featuring a song from Stephen Arnold Music by the same name, the campaign’s primary promo starts with a wide city view featuring an oversized version of the station’s full logo with “NewsChannel 8” branding and “On your side” tagline floating above the Hillsborough River between the Selmon Expressway and Platt Street bridges.

There is then a series of the “8” icon with NBC peacock shown at various landmarks throughout the region before cutting to shots of station staffers out and about. Shots also include team members in what appears to be a commercial kitchen, food pantry, pet shelter and hosting a telethon.

The logo then makes some additional appearances before shots of talent broadcasting from an outdoor venue, on board a boat and inside the station’s helicopter.

Next is a shot of the station’s logo in a real-life application — installed on the side of the mini-tower atop the Parker Street facility known as The News Center that the station calls home.

Finally, the full version of the station logo appears floating alongside the roadway of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, complete with simulated vertical supports added to create the illusion the tagline’s letters are being held up but the word “Channel” above.

Now owned by Nexstar, WFLA’s current logo draws in roots from its days as a Media General station.

At the time, several of the group’s stations used logos or logotypes crafted from the typeface Verdana.

Often the stations’ channel numbers had a crescent-shaped accent next to it, though WFLA has since dropped that element. The “NewsChannel” and “On your side” branding elements were also common within the group, though not all stations used it.