Look for a collab between The Hill and NewsNation before the end of 2022, CEO says

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Nexstar says that it’s already eyeing a collaboration between digital platform The Hill and its NewsNation cable channel.

Perry Sook, CEO of Nexstar, announced that he expects a co-branded show will debut before the end of 2022 on an investor call May 10, 2022.

Nexstar acquired The Hill, which is a politics-focused brand, in 2021.

Sook noted that the format of the show is still being developed between The Hill and NewsNation teams, but he suggested it could be a panel-style show while quickly pointing out that “I don’t think you will see the entire lineup made up of those.”

Nexstar has worked tirelessly to brand NewsNation as a bias-free network. Initially, it also attempted to frame itself as a straight news network, but that angle was phased out as the network began adding interview and analysis shows.

Sook acknowledged that NewsNation ratings are small but used the “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” analogy when addressing those figures.