Disney+ to integrate with Hulu before end of 2023

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Disney+ will integrate Hulu content directly into its interface on smart TVs, smart phones and streaming devices by the end of 2023.

The move will make it easier for users to view content on both services without the need to switch between apps.

Hulu will continue to also be available as a standalone app.

Disney also says it will raise the price of its ad-free tier, though the exact formula hasn’t been announced.

It’s not immediately clear how the new interface will look or if it will be redesigned in any way. It’s also not clear if consumers who only have a Disney+ subscription will see Hulu within the interface, though it seems that such listings would be an opportunity to encourage users to sign up for Hulu, therefore increasing monthly revenue to Disney.

Disney owns about 66% of Hulu and has the option to buy the remaining 33% from NBCUniversal parent Comcast in 2024. In 2019, Comcast agreed to let Disney take over the operations of the service.

Meanwhile, Disney has long maintained that has a multi-pronged direct-to-consumer streaming strategy. Disney+ was initially envisioned as a more family-friendly offering, whereas Hulu houses a broader range of content.

Much of those offerings include content from Disney-owned 20th Century Studios as well as shows and films it licenses from other content producers.

Disney also operates ESPN+, a sports streaming service. All three services can be bundled together as well as a Disney+ and Hulu bundle.

Paramount Global, which owns Showtime and Paramount+, recently announced plans to combine the two services into a single digital offering.

NBCU is also likely to scale back on what it contributes to Hulu if it sells its stake in 2024.

HBO Max and Discovery+ will also become available on a single app known as Max, though, like with Disney’s plans, Discovery+ will also be available separately.