‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to get 24/7 streaming channels on Pluto TV

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Popular game shows “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” will be available as 24/7 streams starting Aug. 1, 2022 on the free Pluto TV streaming service, according to Vulture.

Pluto TV is a subsidiary of Paramount Global, the parent company of CBS Media Ventures, which distributes both shows in the U.S. syndication market.

The service, which is ad-supported, will launch two separate streams dedicated to a rotating selection of reruns of both shows Aug. 1, thanks to a deal with Sony Pictures Television.

It’s not immediately clear how far back the streamer will cull episodes from, but Pluto TV is breaking out its existing game show channels into its own category.

This includes the existing Buzzr, Game Show Central and vintage “The Price Is Right” episode channels. CBS’s current version of “Let’s Make a Deal” will also get its own channel.

Old episodes of “Jeopardy!” previously streamed on Netflix, but haven’t been available for streaming on any provider since 2021.

“Jeopardy!” is sold on a market-exclusive syndication basis and will likely not include the most recent season or two on Pluto TV to avoid any conflicts with its station partners. It’s also likely that the specials aired on ABC will not be included.

Stations that air “Jeopardy!” often run repeats from the previous season on weekends. During its annual summer hiatus, “Jeopardy!” goes into reruns for a few weeks, but typically fills these with tournaments from the previous season to preserve continuity.

Some old episodes of both shows could be excluded from the streamer for various reasons — including outdated material or controversial clues or puzzles, though given that the Pluto TV channels will be offering repeats, it’s likely that some outdated content will still be shown to viewers under the assumption that they know the material was accurate at the time it originally aired.

“Jeopardy!” often adds disclaimers to episodes that feature clues that have become outdated between the time the game was taped and it aired. This is common with clues that involve political figures, news and geography.

“Wheel” material is less likely to become outdated, though it does occasionally happen.