’60 Minutes’ producer allegedly sent inappropriate photos to staffer: Suit

CBS News is facing a gender discrimination and retaliation complaint after a senior producer allegedly sent inappropriate photos to another, lower ranked, staffer.

  • 60 Minutes” senior producer Michael Gavshon is named in the suit as having sent an inappropriate photo to a staffer.
  • Cassandra Vinograd, a London based associated producer, filed the lawsuit.
  • According to her attorneys, Vinograd says that she emailed both the HR and legal teams at CBS to request an investigation into the photo.
  • She also alleged that Gavshon drank alcohol during work hours.
  • CBS reportedly determined the alleged photo was a “mistake” and could not corroborate Vinograd’s alcohol accusations.
  • Since then, Vinograd alleges that Gavshon retaliated against her and CBS has done nothing to address the reported conduct.
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