A tale of two ‘Natalie Morales’

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If all the conflicting reports about former “Today” newsreader Natalie Morales possibly departing “Access” wasn’t enough ā€” there’s also another person with the same name in the NBC family.

  • NBC’s new comedy, “Abby,” that follows a woman by the same name who opens an unlicensed bar in her backyard, also happens to star someone named Natalie Morales.
  • The other Natalie Morales, meanwhile, is reportedly leaving her role as host of the NBC produced syndicated entertainment newsmagazine “Access” (formerly “Access Hollywood“) but staying with the network.
  • NBC’s own press website notably seems to confuse the two women ā€” with the main search bar result defaulting to the “Abby” star, though the other Morales’ profile remains listed separately.