Anderson Cooper shreds ‘idiotic’ Don Jr. over phony Florence photo

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After debunking photos of him tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. and other conservative commentators and news outlets as both outdated and not staged, Anderson Cooper ripped into those who spread conspiracy theories about his reporting.

  • In addition to the fact that the photo is nearly a decade old and was not taken during Hurricane Florence, others took issue with the fact Cooper was up to his waist in water, while his crew appeared to be in much shallower water.
  • The explanation that most of the speculators came up with was that Cooper was kneeling to make the water look higher.
  • “The idea that I am kneeling in water to make it look deep is frankly idiotic,” said on Monday, Sept, 18, 2018’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”
  • Cooper also explained that, in the scene shown in the photo, he was standing on lower terrain that his crew, hence the difference in perceived water levels.