Attorney reportedly considering legal action against CNN over MyPillow guy’s interview

Anderson Cooper’s “wild west” interview with MyPillow founder and Trump surrogate Mike Lindell may be the target of legal action.

Newsweek obtained a copy of a letter where Attorney L. Lin Wood says the CNN interview was “the most outrageously unprofessional ‘hit piece’ interview I have ever viewed.”

Wood might be familiar because he’s also the attorney who helped teen Nick Sandmann sue media outlets over their use of an image of him staring down a Native American activist.

That included a confidential settlement with in January 2020.

Wood acknowledges that Cooper’s “sarcastic, mocking, derisive, and demeaning tone, attitude and facial expressions” are not legally actionable, he writes he has “complete confidence” that Cooper’s “false and defamatory accusations are actionable.”

In the letter, he specifically mentions that Cooper “cast aspersions on Mr. Lindell’s character and reputation” and referred to him as a “snake oil salesman.”

According to tapes of the interview, Cooper actually said Lindell is “like” a sales oil salesman — which semantically could be quite different.

Wood’s bio includes “Speak Truth. BE FEARLESS.” and also includes the #WWG1WGA hashtag that is shorthand for the phrase “where we go one, we go all.”

That line is cited as a “rallying cry” of devotees of the conspiracy theories promulgated by that claims to tie together a wide range of events and key figures in history including “Pizzagate,” ISIL, mass shootings and even the JFK assassination. It also purports that all presidents after Regan left office are “deep state” “agents” — with the exception of Donald Trump.

Wood also targets specific statements Cooper made against Oleandrin, the supplement Lindell was discussing and claims to be a treatment for COVID-19, and claims about the testing status of it.

Wood’s document does not appear to account for the fact that Lindell voluntarily sat for the interview.

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