Beeping interrupts some feeds of ‘All In’ on MSNBC

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A constant test tone covered the audio track of many feeds of “All In with Chris Hayes” Friday, July 6, 2018:

  • The tone started immediately after Steve Kornacki, subbing for Chris Matthews on “Hardball,” which was originating from New York City instead of Washington, D.C., tossed to “All In.”
  • The tone was similar to the “test” tone that frequently accompanies slates and are typically not meant to be seen or heard by the public.
  • “All In” was originating from NBC’s Chicago bureau with normal host Chris Hayes.
  • None of the show’s audio could be heard — including music or Hayes or his guests.
  • The beeping lasted approximately five minutes into the show.
  • The beeping stopped in the middle of a segment with no explanation.
  • It appears that customers of DirecTV, Comcast, YouTube TV, PlayStation, SiriusXM and at least some streaming were all affected.
  • It’s not clear if this was a nationwide issue or if it affected feeds to all providers.
  • Affected customers took to Twitter, tagging many of the services providers, the show’s Twitter account and Hayes’ account.
  • We’ve reached out to MSNBC for comment.