Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix create an ice cream flavor

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Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s have teamed up to create an ice cream flavor.

  • Named “Netflix & Chill’d” — a reference for the popular phrase “Netflix and chill” — the flavor is available around the world.
  • “Netflix and chill” is, at least to most people, a euphemism for sex.
  • You might be asked what exactly it tastes like to “Netflix and chill” and apparently the two companies think it’s combination of peanut butter ice cream with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownie bits.
  • The flavor is also available as a non-dairy option in the U.S., but it notably contains peanut butter, a common allergen.
  • The ice cream comes in a colorful tub featuring an illustration of three cows on a sofa — two of which seem to be on their way to “Netflix and chilling” while the third seems oblivious.
  • The lid, meanwhile, features the Netflix logo and the line “A Netflix Original Flavor” — a takeoff on the “A Netflix original” billing that appears in front of the streamer’s in house programming.