Anderson Cooper can’t believe Betsy DeVos’ ‘epic non-response’ of ignoring reporter’s questions

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Even after Donald Trump announced that Special Olympics‘ funding would be restored through the education department budget, CNN’s Anderson Cooper still

  • The incident occurred in a hallway inside while education secretary Betsy DeVos and what is presumed to be an aide were waiting for an elevator and was covered by Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360” Thursday, March 28, 2019.
  • CNN correspondent Ryan Nobles and a videographer caught up to DeVos’ entourage and began respectfully question DeVos.
  • “Madam secretary you said today that you were not the person hat proposed this funding change. Can you explain who in administration did?” he asked first.
  • DeVos remained silent, starring at the elevator door.
  • “Madam secretary, have you spoken to (Trump) about the at all?” Nobles asked next.
  • Silence as DeVos continued to be fascinated with the elevator door.
  • The camera, which had been capturing a back view of DeVos’ head then jockeyed for a better view.
  • “If there was some misunderstanding, this is your opportunity to explain it to us,” Nobles pointed out.
  • Although DeVos remained silent, she appeared to stifle a smile and sent “dagger eyes” to the aide.
  • The aide, as Cooper noted after the clip played, seemed to acknowledge the nonverbal signal but kept her mouth shut too.
  • Nobles final question: “Are you concerned about the supporters of the Special Olympics that are concerned about the decision to remove their funding?”
  • No response.
  • “Oh my god, that was so painful and awkward,” said Cooper, appearing back on camera biting his nails, giggling and his voice cracking.
  • Cooper, who labeled DeVos’ actions as an “epic non-response” even inadvertently gave DeVos a hint for the next for how to ignore reporters in the future — faking a cell phone call.
  • “Let’s keep that on hold for later use and just bring it up now and then,” he said.
  • Your wish is our command, Anderson:

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