CNN anchor makes surprise revelation, thanks others for getting vaccinated

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CNN anchor John King made a surprise announced on the Oct. 19, 2021, edition of “Inside Politics” — he’s immunocompromised due to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

“I’m going to share a secret I’ve never shared before,” King said on the show before revealing his medical condition, which he has not discussed publicly before.

“So I’m grateful you all are vaccinated,” he said, presumably referring to the in-studio panel and crew.

CNN has been mandating employees be vaccinated to come to work and notably fired workers earlier this year who came to work without having gotten the shot.

“I don’t like the government telling me what to do, I don’t like my boss telling me what to do,” King said on air. “In this case it’s important.”

The announcement came during a segment about how the late Gen. Colin Powell, who had blood cancer, was more susceptible to dying from coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated.

King noted that other hosts, namely Tucker Carlson, has been using Powell’s death as a way to cast doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines.

He called Carlson “reckless.”

Medical experts agree that Powell’s cancer likely significantly impacted his immune system and left him more likely to succumb to COVID-19 complications despite being vaccinated.

Coronavirus vaccines are highly recommended by multiple public health officials and experts. COVID-19 vaccines have undergone extensive testing and monitoring to ensure their safety. Scientific research has shown the vaccines to be very safe and highly effective in decreasing the likelihood of contracting the illness and, if one does become sick, symptoms are less severe and less likely to lead to hospitalization or death. For more information about COVID-19 and coronavirus, visit the CDC website. You can locate a free vaccination site or clinic near you at As with any medical decision, you should always discuss your options with your doctor.