CNN head warns employees most won’t return to offices until late summer

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CNN Worldwide chief Jeff Zucker predicts that most of its workforce likely won’t be returning to offices until the end of the summer.

Zucker made the announcement in an internal memo that was obtained by The Wrap.

According to the memo, only about 10% of CNN staffers are coming into the office — likely those workers who cannot, due to their duties, cannot work from home.

In the memo, Zucker notes that that number may raise to about 15% by June, but that most of the rest won’t return until September.

Some newsgathering employees will return in July or August, depending on how the political conventions play out, the memo adds.

The memo went on to reinforce that production of programming and digital content will continue to be done remotely.

CNN anchors Chris Cuomo, Richard Quest and Brooke Baldwin have all publicly announced coronavirus diagnoses.