CNN reportedly mulling taking Alisyn Camerota off ‘New Day’

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CNN is reportedly considering another anchor change for its morning news program “New Day,” NBC News’ Dylan Byers first reported.

Alisyn Camerota is reportedly considered for a move to afternoons, with sources telling Variety she has been looking for another role at the network to move off the grueling four hour newscast that starts at 5 a.m. eastern.

Sources tell Variety that at least some executives see Camerota as a strong anchor beside Berman, possibly signaling that any changes might not be necessarily against her wishes. There was no mention of her departing the network altogether.

Under this scenario, she would reportedly be replaced by Brianna Keilar.

Camerota herself replaced Kate Bolduan, the show’s original anchor, in 2015. The show launched in 2013 with Bolduan alongside Chris Cuomo, who joined the network from ABC.

At the time, Variety reported that CNN didn’t see Bolduan as being able to “take on” Cuomo’s strong personality.

Cuomo departed “New Day” in 2018 for “Cuomo Prime Time,” a show that started life with a test run that had Cuomo pulling double duty before the schedule was officially changed.

John Berman was named to replace Cuomo.

Keilar currently anchors an afternoon block, but has seen her star rise with on air essays and notable push backs against Trump administration officials.

While “New Day” regularly lags behind “Fox & Friends” on Fox and “Morning Joe” on MSNBC in total viewers, it has grown to attract more viewers in the 25 to 54 demographic, which is often seen as the gold standard of viewers to advertisers.

It January 2021, it was second behind MSNBC and ahead of Fox in this demo during the hours all three shows are on the air (the latter two networks run their morning shows from 6 to 9 a.m.).

Variety reported that January’s viewership marked the first time “New Day” outranked “Fox & Friends” in the demo.

CNN did not respond to requests for comment from multiple outlets.