Conservative site reports MSNBC, CNN used the word ‘impeachment’ over 200 times — but forgot other people can count

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Conservative news site The Daily Caller gleefully reported that MSNBC and CNN said the word “Impeachment over 200 times in just one day” — but omitted the tally of Fox News’ usage of the word.

  • The Daily Caller cited Media Research Center, a right leaning website, who claimed MSNBC and CNN used the word “impeachment” over 200 times Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018.

  • However, the MRC omitted a count of how many times the word “impeachment” was used on Fox News.
  • Director of Media Intelligence for Media Matters for America Lis Power replied to The Daily Caller’s tweet and counted.
  • According to MRC, CNN used the word 108 times Wednesday and MSNBC came in with 114 mentions.
  • Power, meanwhile, counted Fox News’ usage of the word — and it came it 113.
  • While this number has not been independently verified, even if it’s a few off either way, it still illustrates that Fox News is using the word about the same number of times as its competitors.
  • Power, meanwhile, ended her tweet with “Soooooo…. your point?”