Did Bob Schieffer just tell Norah O’Donnell ‘Baby Shark’ could get better ratings than her?

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After his package about the “Baby Shark” phenomenon that some believe helped the Washington Nationals take home the 2019 World Series Championship, CBS’s Bob Schieffer debriefed Norah O’Donnell at the “CBS Evening News” anchor desk — though he made an offhanded comment that could have been interpreted as a jab about the network’s sinking news ratings.

  • “Norah, we need to sign Baby Shark to a long term contract,” said Schieffer after coming back on camera.
  • O’Donnell and him then laughed and proceeded to do a few moves from the “Baby Shark” dance.
  • However, there’s another way to look at his comment — was he joking that CBS could get better ratings with “Baby Shark”?
  • O’Donnell was elevated to the “Evening News” anchor chair (a seat Schieffer once held on an interim basis) in hopes of revitalizing the ratings.
  • However, her numbers have done almost nothing but dive.
  • Although the remark appeared to be off the cuff and lighthearted, it’s not immediately clear if they were scripted.