ESPN to lure Tony Romo away from CBS — with huge price tag: Reports

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ESPN is reportedly getting ready to lure CBS sportscaster and former NFL player Tony Romo the highest paid sports broadcast in history, according to multiple reports.

  • After a number of missteps on its “Monday Night Football” talent lineup, ESPN is reportedly offering Romo $10 to $14 a year to have him come on board.
  • That deal would involve him leaving CBS Sports.
  • However, CBS always present a counter offer in an effort to keep his on board, but assuming the salary range is correct, that could be particularly challenging.
  • Romo, a former Dallas Cowboys player, could set off a dramatic shift in sports broadcasting should he decide to jump to ESPN for the purported record breaking salary.
  • The most obvious shuffle would be to oust Booger McFarland, who was shifted field analysis and hasn’t caught on with viewers after Jon Gruden left the broadcast to coach the Oakland Raiders.