Florida officials deny NYT subscription, citing it as ‘fake news’

After a local library requested a digital subscription to The New York Times, a local Florida county government denied it, citing Donald Trump’s believe that it is “fake news.”

  • Officials in Citrus County, Florida turned down the local library’s request.
  • “I’m going to be a ‘no’ for this. Fake news. I agree with (Donald) Trump,” said a commission identified as Scott Carnahan.
  • “I will not vote for this. I do not want The New York Times in this county.”
  • The subjects of subscriptions came up after a proposal to add on its its print subscription, which costs about $3,000 a year, to add a digital package costing about $2,700 a year.
  • The new package would give 70,000 library card holders digital access to the Times.
  • “I know you have 140 readers, but those guys can subscribe and have it come to their home,” one commissioner said. “I support Donald Trump.”
  • “I’m open to a free press … (but) not at the taxpayers’ expense,” Carnahan said later.
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