Fox Business airs pro-Trump ad right after rally speech

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Shortly before Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs announced “management” asked to cut away from live Trump rally coverage the network aired an add that ironically combined into a very similar sounding “segment.”

  • Dobbs cut in during the middle of the live feed from the New Jersey rally and tossed to commercial.
  • The commercial that played immediately was a lengthy spot paid for by Committee to Defend the President.
  • In the ad, viewers are encouraged to call a toll free number to show their support of Trump during the impeachment process.
  • The spot also echoes many of Trump and Fox’s own rhetoric of calling the impeachment a “coup” and “witch hunt.”
  • Verbiage in the ad also echoed much of what Trump was saying immediately before at the rally.
  • Fox Business, like any network, is free to accept advertising from any political candidate, PAC or other group as long as it conforms with election advertising laws, which this one does appear to.
  • The placement of ads can be requested by advertisers as well, but ads can also be placed wherever they “fit” into breaks.
  • It’s also worth noting that given Fox networks’ popularity among conservatives, it’s not surprisingly that the committee picked Fox to air the ad on.
  • Host Dobbs, meanwhile, is a vocal Trump supported and also reportedly speaks with Trump frequently about policy.