Fox contributor doubles down on protective gear with an even bigger vest

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After coming under fire for wearing a protective vest on air during a live shot April 3, 2019, Fox contributor Lawrence Jones upgraded his vest the next evening.

  • Jones appeared live on “Hannity” from Laredo, Texas, to discuss the “border crisis” that Fox has been covering in earnest.
  • On April 3’s edition of the show, the vest he was wearing was so small many noted it would provide little protection in the event of any danger.
  • According to Jones, U.S. Border Patrol instructed him to wear the vest — and provided it — though the agency did not respond to the Washington Post’s request for comment.
  • Many journalists who have covered the border were quick to point out that they have never worn a protective vest or gear while on assignment in the area.

  • Many also noted that the U.S. Border Patrol agent who appeared on screen at the same time and, according to host Sean Hannity, from the same city as Jones, was not wearing visible protective gear.
  • For the April 4 edition of “Hannity,” however, Jones got an upgrade to a protective vest that appeared to be more his size.