Fox News’ Tucker Carlson calls MSNBC, CNN ‘propaganda’

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Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson accused both MSNBC and CNN of spreading “propaganda” — including using an incident where MSNBC host Rachel Maddow broke down on air while reading a live report about the so called “tender age” shelters:

  • “They seemed hysterical, crazed, nihilistic. Something had changed, it was creepy,” Carlson on his Thursday, June 21, 2018 show, referring to recent coverage of immigration issues by MSNBC and CNN.

  • First, Carlson pulled up a clip of MSNBC host Chris Hayes discussing an alleged “bidding war” between the U.S. and drug cartels over who can treat immigrants worse.
  • “So according to MSNBC, Trump is literally worse than the Mexican drug cartels, the ones that behead people,” Carlson said. “Needless to say, he’s also a racist,” he added (in his view, sarcastically).

  • He then played to now famous clip of Rachel Maddow breaking down after trying to read a bulletin about “tender age” shelters for infants and babies.
  • This was followed by clips featuring Al Sharpton, Mika Brzezinski and CNN’s Don Lemon.
  • At the end of the clips, Carlson concluded “What you’re watching there is propaganda. Over time it’s effective, and of course that’s why they do it.”
  • As an evidence, he offered the example of Homeland Security official Kirstjen Nielsen being heckled while dining out — though, notably, he neglected to mention the irony that it was a Mexican restaurant.
  • Fox News has been accused of spreading propaganda by other media outlets, including a “Daily Show” compendium comparing its commentary to North Korean state television.