Fox sends ‘thoughts and prayers’ to Trump and Melania about two minutes into special coverage

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Fox Media’s cable network that’s home to “Hannity” was about two minutes into coverage of Donald Trump’s transfer to Walter Reed Medical Center Oct. 2, 2020, when White House personality John Roberts uttered the phrase “thoughts and prayers.”

“Of course our thoughts and prayers are with him and the first lady…” he said, perhaps trying to fill time as producers scrambled to get more information.

The irony, however, is that the phrase “thoughts and prayers” has become ridiculed by some, including gun control advocates, as the “stock” response by often pro-gun rights groups and individuals.

It has even reached the level where social media memes using the phrase (sometimes as a hashtag) pop up whenever certain people, often including those behind gun rights or conservative views, fall victim to unfortunate situations.