Fox’s Jesse Watters says Shia Lebeouf called him ‘trash’ in a Delta Sky Lounge

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Fox star Jesse Watters claimed that actor Shia LaBeouf called him “trash” in an airport lounge.

  • Watters was filling in for Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” Aug. 13, 2019 and was discussing the viral video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo
  • Watters was discussing a video that had Cuomo lashing out at a man who confronted him in public, calling by the name of the Fredo Corleone character in “The Godfather” — a term that Cuomo considers offensive.
  • During the conversation, Watters relayed a story about someone he thought was LeBeouf (or, “whatever his name is” as Watters put it) walking by him in a Delta Sky Lounge (or “Situation” as he called it) and called him “trash.”
  • There’s no word from LeBeouf’s camp about the incident on if it was actually him or not.
  • Watters said he was with his family waiting for a flight at the time.
  • Watters’ offhanded remark about LaBeouf’s unique name did not go unnoticed — with fans of the actor claiming Watters may have been poking fun at a “foreign sounding” moniker.
  • For the record, LaBeouf was born in Los Angeles to a Jewish mother and a father who served in the Vietnam War who is of Cajan French descent.
  • Watters fans, meanwhile, were quick to point out that “trash” could be a derivative of “white trash,” a derogatory term often used to describe white people of a lower socioeconomic class.
  • Some have gone as far to claim “reverse racism” and claiming, like Cuomo did, that the term is an ethnic or racial slur.