‘GMA’ is preparing to mark Robin Roberts’ 20th anniversary with the show

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ABC News is preparing to celebrate “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts‘ 20th anniversary with the show.

Roberts first joined “GMA” in 2002 in the now eliminated position of newsreader, joining the show from sister network ESPN where she had worked for 15 years.

In that role, which was common on morning shows at the time, Roberts was mainly restricted to reading news headlines at set times throughout the show, but generally didn’t participate in other segments or sit at the anchor desk at the top of the show.

All of the “big three” networks had a similar role on their morning shows for years, but have all since eliminated it. Instead, co-hosts generally appear in various combinations either together or separately throughout the show. For example, one co-anchor may handle a one-on-one interview while two or more participate in a cooking segment or less formal interview.

On May 23, 2005, Roberts was promoted to the role of co-anchor of the show alongside Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson. She has remained in that position since then.

Roberts’ time at “GMA” has been marked by two significant health issues — at 2007 breast cancer diagnosis and a 2012 battle with a bone narrow disease.

As a Black woman and member of the LGBTQ community, Roberts has been seen as a significant trailblazer in the television industry.