Google adds augmented reality animals, objects to search results

Google has started to add 3D models of animals and other objects to search results that can be viewed in .

When searching for related keywords on compatible devices, will show an option to “meet” or “see” an object up close.

On smartphones and tablets with accelerometers and cameras as well as reality compatibility, users can then “place” the item on the floor of a room or other space and walk around it, zoom in and change angles.

For other devices, the 3D model is still available — it’s just set up against a blank white background.

The ever growing list of available animals include an alligator, fish, bear, several breeds of dogs, goats, hedgehog, lion and more. Other models have since emerged including a human skeleton, the eight plants plus Pluto, a cave, Neil Armstrong and Apollo 1 command module.

Sharp eyed developers quickly noticed there’s a folder on Google servers that typically contains the assets needed to render the models, which can provide a clue at what’s coming up as well as all the ones available, which appears to be growing.

Google has also been adding 3D models of cars in what appears to be a partnership with manufacturers.