Gretchen Carlson slams Greta Van Susteren for featuring Bill O’Reilly on celeb pet show

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Gretchen Carlson blasted former Fox colleague Greta Van Susteren for having disgraced host Bill O’Reilly on her new Discovery show about celebrity pets.

  • Van Susteren’s one hour “Pet Tales” is set to air Jan. 8, 2020 in Discovery.
  • Meanwhile, after hearing about the show’s plans to include O’Reilly as a guest, Gretchen Carlson took to Twitter to blast Van Susteren.
  • In a series of three tweets, shown below, Carlson writes that Van Susteren didn’t back Carlson’s claims of sexual harassment against former Fox chairman Roger Ailes.
  • Carlson pointed out that O’Reilly reportedly paid $32 million to an alleged victim and called out Discovery for airing the show.
  • She concluded by asking, sarcastically, when Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose’s pets would be featured.