Here’s a headline for the history books: U.S. senator says he hopes ‘space pirates’ eat TV host’s liver

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Sitting U.S. senator Ted Cruz fired back at a TV anchor with what basically amounted to grade school playground bullying — sic-ing “space pirates” to eat Chris Hayes’ liver.

  • The whole thing started when a Twitter moment surfaced headlined “Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wants the Space Force to defend the US against space pirates.”
  • Cruz, in turn, tweeted Twitter founder Jack Dorsey about “snarky leftists” making fun of his comments about the story.
  • In his original tweet, Cruz, pointed out that “NATIONS like China have already developed & test weapons to destroy satellites.”
  • Hayes, meanwhile, quoted this tweet with “This is the saddest tweet I’ve ever seen.”
  • Cruze then fired back “May Space Pirates devour your liver.”
  • That was followed with two pirate flag emoji (formed by combining the black flag one ? with the skull and crossbones one ☠️).