It looks like media outlets fell victim to a ‘refrigerator tweets’ story

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After a person claiming to be a 15-year-old girl named “Dorothy” claimed to have had her tech taken away and purportedly tried tweeting for her family’s smart LG refrigerator, multiple media outlets pounced on the story.

CBS and the BBC were among some of the major media organizations that featured the story.

However, it appears the whole thing is likely one big lie.

The series of tweets, which went viral and even garnered a response from LG, began circulating earlier in August.

However, it was quickly revealed that a lot of the story doesn’t add up.

Not only did “Dorothy” fail to provide journalists with the model of fridge her family has, but it was also shown the “LG Smart Refrigerator” source tag on her tweets is likely faked.

A Reddit post points out just how easy it is to fake that line — and make it say pretty much whatever you want (BuzzFeed news tried it and was able to post a tweet labeled as coming from a “BuzzFeed Smart Fridge).

Further digging revealed that no LG fridges actually have a built in Twitter integration and the “Dorothy” tweets are the only ones that had used that source label up until that point.

While it would be possible to tweet from within the fridge’s browser, such tweets would likely be labeled as coming from Twitter’s web interface since it would accessed by going to

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