It looks like the third debate will be one night only

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Unless a new approved poll with drastically different data is released before the end of the day Aug. 8, 2019, it looks like the third democratic debate will be one night only with 10 candidates.

Although two new polls were released Aug. 8 (both approved by the DNC), it didn’t change the lineup of the debate — or the number of participants.

The debate is scheduled to air Sept. 12 on ABC and Univision.

The networks and the DNC had set aside Sept. 13 as well, but under the condition that it would only be used if more than 10 candidates qualified.

The first two debates were spread over two nights with a limit of 20 total candidates.

However, the DNC purposefully made the qualification criteria tighter for the third debate as it begins to narrow the field for a nominee (and some candidates drop out).

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