‘Jeopardy’ releases guest hosting schedule through March 19

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“Jeopardy” has released its plans for three upcoming guest hosts — but isn’t saying quite yet how the rest of its lineup will be scheduled.

Ken Jennings, who took over as guest host in the episodes immediately following Alex Trebek’s last ones taped prior to his Nov. 8, 2020, death, will host for another week starting Feb. 15, 2021 through Feb. 19, 2021.

Then, Mike Richards, the executive producer of both “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune,” will host Feb. 22, 2021 to March 5, 2021.

The show previously announced Richards’ guest hosting weeks will allow other guest hosts to prepare for their appearances.

Former “Today” and “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric is on the schedule for March 8 to 19, 2021.

The show has not announced airdates for the rest of its guest hosts.

Hosts are listed in the following order on the show’s website, though it’s not clear if that’s indicative of anything:

  • Mehmet Oz (Host, “The Dr. Oz Show”)
  • Aaron Rodgers (Former NFL and “Celebrity Jeopardy!” contestant)
  • Savannah Guthrie (NBC “Today” co-anchor)
  • Anderson Cooper (CNN anchor)
  • Mayim Bialik (Former “Big Bang Theory” star, neurobiologist and current “Call Me Kat” star).
  • Bill Whitaker (CBS News “60 Minutes” correspondent)
  • Sanjay Gupta (CNN medical correspondent)

It makes a certain amount of sense that, at least so far, hosts are booked for two week stretches. The show typically tapes five shows a day two days a week, meaning two weeks’ worth of Monday through Friday shows can be produced back to back.

The show may have switched off of this schedule, however, due to coronavirus or to make it a bit easier for those not used to taping five of the content heavy episodes a day. For example, the show could have switched to taping only a few shows a day spread over more back to back taping days.

It’s likely, although not confirmed, that tapings featuring each guest host would be done within a few days of each other, especially for those talent who don’t live in Los Angeles.

“Jeopardy!” episodes also need to air in the order they were taped in order to maintain continuity with returning champions.

The show has not using a studio audience due to the pandemic.

Richards’ inclusion on the list of guest hosts in noteworthy in that he’s the only name on the list who’s not as widely recognizable across the country.

While he appeared on the show with a video tribute to Trebek edited into an episode that aired shortly after the venerable host’s death and has been interviewed on national TV, his behind the scenes role doesn’t mean he’s as familiar to many people as some of the other names on the list.

When “Jeopardy” first started its current syndication run in 1984, Trebek also served as a producer for the show, but eventually gave up that role a few years later.