‘PBS NewsHour’ announces who will replace Judy Woodruff

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Following Judy Woodruff’s announcement that she will retire from the “PBS NewsHour” anchor desk, the production company behind the show has announced its picks for her replacement.

Amna Nawaz and Geoff Bennett, who both already work for the show, were announced as co-anchors Nov. 16, 2022. They start Jan. 2, 2022.

The male-female co-anchor format will return the show it a dual anchor format, which it has had on-and-off over the years as anchors retired or departed or, in the case of Woodruff’s co-anchor, Gwen Ifill, died during their tenure.

Bennett joined “PBS NewsHour” earlier in 2022 after jumping from NBC News. He currently anchors “PBS News Weekend” and serves as chief Washington correspondent for the broadcasts.

Prior to the official announcement, he was widely speculated to be Woodruff’s heir apparent.

Nawaz is chief correspondent for the newscasts and joined the broadcast in 2018.

“PBS NewsHour” is produced by PBS member station WETA in the Washington, D.C. area, and then made available for other stations who wish to air it. Those stations pay a licensing fee to WETA’s production arm in return for the right to air the newscast.

Until earlier in 2022, WNET in New York handled production of the weekend editions of the broadcast and made it available to member stations on a similar basis.

There’s no word who will replace Bennett on weekends or if either of their correspondent roles will be filled with others or if they will continue in dual roles.

Nawaz and Bennett have separate deals with NBC as contributors and they are expected to continue in those roles.