L.A. forecaster ‘predicts’ ‘spontaneous combustion’-level temps

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KTLA’s Henry DiCarlo made a typo in his 7-day forecast that made it appear parts of the viewing around would be getting 515-degree weather.

Los Angeles forecaster DiCarlo was giving his outlook on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022, when he spotted a big typo in the graphic — the number 515.

He and the off-camera anchors noticed the error and had a bit of a chuckle over it, including one anchor commenting that DiCarlo had been at work since midnight “and that’s the kind of graphic you put together.”

DiCarlo joked that it proved he works too hard and that viewers should probably avoid the mountain region and Sunday. KTLA offers regional-style forecasts for various parts of the viewing area and beyond since the weather can vary from place to place.

For the record, it appears the Sunday temperature probably should have been more in the neighborhood of 77 according to more recent forecasts posted on the station’s site (though some of the other temps have shifted slightly, as weather forecasts tend to do.