Lara Spencer laughed at Price George taking ballet — and people weren’t happy

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In a “Hot News” segment on “Good Morning America,” anchor Lara Spencer poked fun at how Prince George, who is in line to be the next king of England, will apparently take ballet classes as part of his schooling.

Broadway performers (and social media) fired back quickly, calling her out for feeding into traditional male stereotypes.

“Really? Some of us take ballet. Some of us win TONY AWARDS cus we took ballet. Miss thing, it’s 2019… Get a life,” wrote director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell.

Interestingly, there’s also a famous movie and musical, “Billy Elliot,” that follows the story of a young British boy who loves ballet (in the Broadway version, Elliot sometimes performed a different style of dance at different performances, largely depending on the actor rotating into the role).

In addition, ballet can also be used to help improve balance and dexterity in people ranging from dancers to athletes to school children.

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