Lou Dobbs stumbles on pronunciation of ‘Pikachu’

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Lou Dobbs struggled with the pronunciation of “Pikachu” on air.

  • Dobbs appeared to pronounce the word “picka-chu” (sort of like the “achoo” sound commonly used to describe how a sneeze sounds).
  • He briefly stumbled over the word on air as well.
  • In the film, the Japanese name is pronounced “pee-kah-choo.”
  • It’s worth noting, however, the word actually has multiple pronunciations and most variations are in the vowel sounds.
  • Although the film uses the wider used (and perhaps Americanized) pronunciation, Dobbs’ pronunciation of the word does appear close to an alternate way of saying the word.
  • A Pikachu, which is a species of Pok√©mon, is the central character in a new blockbuster movie.