MSNBC adding Jen Psaki’s show to weekday lineup to free Chris Hayes up for other projects

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MSNBC is making a small change to its schedule that will bring one of its weekend shows to weekday primetime.

Inside with Jen Psaki,” hosted by former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki, will now add a Monday night edition at 8 p.m. eastern.

The show debuted in March 2023 at 7 p.m. eastern on Sundays.

The move will mean that “All In with Chris Hayes” will only air Tuesday through Friday, a move that is reportedly being done to free up some of host Chris Hayes‘ time for other projects.

MSNBC likely opted to replace “All In” on Mondays because that night’s schedule is already a bit inconsistent thanks to “The Rachel Maddow Show” going weekly in 2022. Since then, Rachel Maddow typically only hosts Monday evenings, with her 9 p.m. Tuesday through Friday timeslot featuring “Alex Wagner Tonight.”

The new lineup will likewise featuring “Inside” on Mondays only in the hour before “Maddow” with the rest of the week reverting to “All In” followed by “Alex Wagner.”

Hayes’ move to reduce his on-air workload — though not as much as Maddow did — is notable in that he also has other projects he spends time on, including a podcast and live event series.

Maddow reportedly cited her desired to explore other projects, including ones outside of MSNBC and NBCUniversal as one of the key reasons for renegotiating her deal with the network to reduce her hosting duties to weekly. That contract, which reportedly had NBCU paying her more to appear on air less, also calls for her to anchor major event coverage on MSNBC outside of her normal show duties.

Recent news cycles heavy on political news have seen her appearing outside her normal Monday night time more frequently.