MSNBC left Andrew Yang off a graphic, and the #YangGang fought back

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Supporters or democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang (“The Yang Gang”) have lit up social media after they say MSNBC has repeatedly left Yang’s image and polling data out of its graphics.

  • The latest round of criticism came after “Up” aired a fullscreen graphic Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019, that omitted Yang despite the fact he is polling high enough to merit inclusion on the chart (and has qualified for the upcoming NBC hosted debate).

  • The original graphic, as aired, eliminated Yang as well as five candidates polling at 0% plus the responses “none of these” and “not sure.”
  • However, since Yang came in at 3%, he still should have been shown since four other candidates with rounded 3% finishes were shown on screen.
  • “Up” later apologized, tweeting out the corrected graphic.

  • Yang’s campaign manager, however, wasn’t impressed.
  • “Thank you @MSNBC for making this apology for the 15th time. The #YangGang is very excited for #16,” Zach Graumann tweeted.
  • MixDex could not independently confirm how many times Yang has been left off graphics on MSNBC.

  • Some Yang supporters are tweeting under the hashtag “#MSNBCIsRacist” — pointing out he’s the only Asian American on the slate and claiming he has been consistently omitted from graphics and coverage on the network.
  • Many of these people claim MSNBC is purposefully under-covering Yang to advance its political agenda.