MSNBC replacing ‘First Look’ with ‘Way Too Early,’ shuffling anchors

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MSNBC has effectively canceled “Morning Joe First Look” with Yasmin Vossoughian, but you’ll still be able to catch her on MSNBC weekends.

“Morning Joe First Look” took over for “Way Too Early” in 2016 and would run until September 2020.

On Sept. 10, 2020, MSNBC announced Vossoughian would move to anchor weekend blocks of “MSNBC Live” and Kasie Hunt, who anchored “Kasie DC” on Sundays, would take over Vossoughian’s spot.

At the same time, the show would drop the “First Look” branding and switch to being known as “Way Too Early” again.

While the direct reference to “Morning Joe” was dropped, the new version of “Way Too Early” uses graphics inspired by the show it leads into.